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The beginnings of the company were individually or collectively in the field of design, inspection, and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment involved in the oil and petrochemical industries and water purification and treatment plants ten years ago as the implementation office.

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These works and after the accumulation of experience and the availability of appropriate conditions in the year 2018 to put its expertise at the disposal of the public and private sectors To exchange benefit,




where he carried out a large number Very important projects within the ministries of electricity and oil in power stations (Dora and South Baghdad gas 1 - 2 power stations in Baiji, Kirkuk, Al Musayb, Jadriya diesel and in the middle and north refineries).


Regular maintenance and prompt servicing are crucial for maintaining elevator performance and extending its lifespan. Our quality measurement evaluates our maintenance and service protocols, including response times, spare parts availability, and overall customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated team of experienced technicians who follow best practices to keep our elevators operating at peak performance, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.

Our company has also provided and prepared spare materials for the turbines of the generation stations and in record periods for the purpose of permanently working the electrical units Our company has become one of the proven and reliable companies of the Ministry of Electricity, as well as the company A cadre of competent accountants and administrators to accurately manage the financial assets of the company according to a discreet accounting system and provide a useful database necessary to take important decisions in the way honey is going with the presence of qualified lawyers to study contracts and write them accurately.



Quality is the foundation of our company's success. By applying stringent measurement standards and processes, we ensure that our projects meet the highest industry standards in terms of safety, reliability, performance and customer satisfaction. Choosing means investing in our solution that provides lasting value, peace of mind and an outstanding user experience.

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