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Projects implemented

Several projects have been implemented on the ground for the Ministry of Electricity and Oil

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Providing materials

Our company provides the ability to provide and supply backup materials for electric power stations.

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Our company has very good cadres skilled at work and confident of their ambitious steps that have implemented many projects.

  • More than 10 years experience

Our Works

Many projects have been implemented on the ground for the Ministry of Electricity and Oil and the private and public sectors, and our company has provided the necessary materials for this in a fast and accurate manner.

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of mechanical equipment for electrical, oil and petrochemical plants .


of mechanical equipment for power, oil and petrochemical plants .


the mechanical equipment of the electrical, oil and petrochemical plants .


mechanical equipment for electrical, oil and petrochemical plants .


backup materials for turbines for power plants .

Work guarantee

Our company guarantees the quality of work by relying on an efficient engineering staff with great experience over several years


About Us

The beginnings of the company were individually or collectively in the field of design, manufacture, inspection, and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment involved in the oil and petrochemical industries and water purification and treatment plants ten years ago as the implementation office. These works and after the accumulation of experience and the availability of appropriate conditions in the year 2018 to put its expertise at the disposal of the public and private sectors To exchange benefit, the company aspires to be a strong competitor in its field of work and is confident of achieving this in a record period through thoughtful scientific planning and ensuring the quality of the works that it carries out and adhering to the timetables for the implementation of the work entrusted to it, relying on an efficient engineering and technical cadre with great experience, where he carried out a large number Very important projects within the ministries of electricity and oil in power stations (Dora and South Baghdad gas 1 - 2 power stations in Baiji, Kirkuk, Al Musayb, Jadriya diesel and in the middle and north refineries). Our company has also provided and prepared spare materials for the turbines of the generation stations and in record periods for the purpose of permanently working the electrical units Our company has become one of the proven and reliable companies of the Ministry of Electricity, as well as the company A cadre of competent accountants and administrators to accurately manage the financial assets of the company according to a discreet accounting system and provide a useful database necessary to take important decisions in the way honey is going with the presence of qualified lawyers to study contracts and write them accurately, which guarantees the rights of the company and the beneficiary together,Our company is one of the companies specialized in basic and detailed designs in the engineering field in all branches, depending on international programs and standards, and processing or manufacturing industrial equipment based on these programs using raw materials from global origins known by relying on a technical and efficient engineering staff with great experience and from this equipment that can be manufactured Or equipping them with pressure vessels, floating-roof tanks, fixed-roof tanks, distillation towers, heat exchangers, air exchangers, fire prevention equipment, fire-fighting equipment, pumps of all kinds, steam boilers, refinery furnaces, civil works, electrical works, engineering inspection and on-site implementation of projects. Oil and industrial .

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